Stay-at-home mother of two teenage girls with a passion for creativity and learning.

Melissa Tannenbaum

Your going to go to college to learn how to be a secretary, where you can go to work and find a husband.” – My Mom

Those are the words my mother told me as a teenager when I was thinking about my future.  Dont’ get me wrong, she is an awesome mom and very wise, so I did not question the path she had laid out for me.  I did go to college and got a degree in marketing and a minor in fashion merchandising but no husband. 

Career Woman

A little confused and bewildered I began what would be a 15 year career.  At home, mom taught me how to find old beat up furniture and refinish, paint and reupholster it to fill my single home (I told you she was awesome!)  

Eventually, many years later, I did meet my husband at work, fulfilling her vision.  A few more years and we had our first daughter.  I had planned to be a working mom but grew more and more jealous of the nanny.  So after 2 years we decided I should quit and became a full time stay-at-home mom.

Identity Crisis

I had learned how to be a self-sufficient, independent, career minded woman.  Now I had to learn how to be a diaper changing, vomit wiping, Wiggles watching mom who relied on someone else to bring home the bacon. I had not resolved my dilemma when our second daughter was born.  As a matter of fact, I was taking a physics class when I was pregnant thinking I would start Interior Design school after she was born.  It was not meant to be.  We moved instead.

Identity Found

I struggled for a few more years.  Then my relationship with Jesus was reignited.  My identity was no longer based in my career or being an amazing mom but in the person I was uniquely created to be.  Now I enjoy a different perspective on life and its ups and downs.  My hope is that as you read this blog you can learn from that perspective as well.